Axie Infinity

It's worth mentioning if a game has impacted thousands of people's lives. With a market worth of $5.7 billion, Axie Infinity is the best play-to-earn game right now. It's also the first NFT-based game to reach the $1 billion mark in sales. The game's Pokémon-like creatures ranged in price from $10 to $200. People in third-world countries such as the Philippines seized the full advantage of this game when the virus struck. Axie Infinity enabled some people to earn three times their monthly income. Players must purchase three Axies to begin playing, therefore the initial commitment is currently roughly $700.

Players receive SLP awards, an in-game currency separate from AXS, for winning battles and completing daily objectives. This game proves that play-to-earn can be sustained by including a dual economy and breeding component. And the Axie NFTs will only climb as demand rises. The number of purchasers surpassed the number of vendors at one time.

Economic Cycle of Axie Infinity

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