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The most serious flaw in traditional e-commerce platforms is a lack of trust. Users can share and securely store digital assets both automatically and manually using blockchain technology. User actions like as payment processing, product search, product purchase, and customer service can all be managed with this technology. The appealing aspect of blockchain technology in e-commerce is that it benefits both sellers and buyers. It provides suitable responses to cyber-threats and worries about financial security. It also lowers inventory management and payment processing costs, as explained further down.

As BTCEN, in the system we will incorporate in the existing system, we will use blockchain infrastructure to solve problems in international sales protocols and ensure that e-commerce can be readily dispersed from a single location, even to third-world countries. The main benefit will be that there will be no middleman services in payments, and the slowing procedures of traditional bank techniques will be abolished. For example, if necessary, a person making a purchase from an e-commerce site outside of his home country can easily make a payment with the BTCEN token without being bound by bank protocols at the payment stage, so resolving the seller-buyer payment dilemma.

Furthermore, many online merchants are struggling to keep up with increased customer demands and competition. In addition to these difficulties, it faces the possibility of losing client data and millions of dollars due to cyber assaults. Blockchain technology is ideal for addressing these issues that internet businesses face. In the form of distributed ledgers, the technology provides the highest level of security for e-commerce database management systems.

Blockchain Code System

Under the caps of its BTC Energy beverages, BTCEN will embed algorithmically generated codes. These codes will be entered into the X-Aim play to earn system to get the following earnings: The codes will be used to hire characters for users who want to test the game. A little fee will be charged for the battle rights under the integrated rental system. Current gamers will receive one additional life.

The use of the energy drink will be expanded due to the various dynamics that will occur during the game. This information can be found in the X-Aims whitepaper. Furthermore, the lid codes redeemed by gamers will be employed in the blockchain supply, supporting in the regional sales plan. The supply will reach the end user by using this system.

Vending System

Consumers who utilize the codes obtained from vending machines located in certain areas will receive a 10% discount.


Our energy drink market and consumers are growing. We will finish the move to our own chain system. As a result, consumers will be able to make money by mining the codes in the lids.


Enhanced Security

A blockchain is a series of blocks, each of which contains records of transactions. Each block has a cryptographic relationship to its neighbors. These are password-protected, and users must use their network keys to prevent illegal access.

Furthermore, the majority of CRM databases are hosted on cloud servers. Although concerns regarding cloud security protocols are widespread, they are not wholly baseless. Because these are essentially centralized systems, there is a single point of failure. Blockchains, on the other hand, are decentralized and spread among peer-to-peer networks that are synchronized on a regular basis. This makes manipulation nearly hard, as accessing the entire blockchain would necessitate immense processing power. As a result, fraud and rejection are no longer a possibility.

Better Transparency

Blockchain is a distributed ledger. It enables your business to transact with consumers in a secure and transparent manner without the use of a financial institution, such as a bank or a third-party broker. Eliminating these "intermediaries" improves the efficiency and speed of your work in general.

Improved User Privacy Control

CRM systems will need to alter how they manage consumer data to accommodate growing concerns about personal data protection. Blockchain gives rise to the concept of a self-sovereign identity due to its decentralized and secure nature. It can save and encrypt personal information and check any feature without disclosing it to third parties. Users have more control over their identities as a result of this.

Data Cleaning

CRM users all over the world have to deal with some level of erroneous or duplicate data, whether due to poor data import tools or human error. When blockchain is available, a client can give organizations with a mechanism to maintain track of their personal information, prior transactions, subscriptions, and so on. Each client can have their own unique key that presents a unified and accurate picture of them. As a result, blockchain assists these businesses in overcoming the issues of incorrect, obsolete, and duplicate data. This gives firms deeper insights into their customers and allows them to communicate with them more effectively.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are designed to increase profitability by improving the customer experience. They are, however, inconvenient for clients and deliver a low return on investment due to their fluctuating mileage, variable values, and associated privacy concerns. Brands can utilize blockchain to revamp and reinvent their loyalty programs in the same way that cryptocurrencies can.

Consumers will have a single decentralized wallet that is compatible with all brands thanks to Blockchain. They will be free of the limits and restrictions imposed by specific brands, considerably simplifying the use of points. The consumer will have far more influence over the entire experience, and brands will offer them better bargains to help them stretch their dollars further.


By bringing the energy drink, the project's first physical product, to the NFT realm, we will become one of the characters in the new virtual universe.


With BTCEN's vending machines, you'll be able to buy drinks with tokens from anywhere and mine with the passwords hidden beneath the cover. These vending machines can also be used to purchase BTCEN and ALT currencies.


All proposed projects will use BTCEN as their currency. It will establish a secure, fast, and reliable shopping experience that is fully integrated with the infrastructure. It will also enable enterprises who integrate numerous altcoins into their ecosystem to establish their own tokens.

This blockchain platform is used in industries like as banking and finance, healthcare, human resources, e-commerce, education, and retail. It can be applied to a variety of industries, although it is most commonly utilized for professional optimization. It's the company's human resources department.

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