BTCEN Token Basic Information

Our tokens will be used for providing liquidity, incentivizing our investors, community, team, marketing of our product, and for staking rewards. We determine a vesting period to prevent the drop in token price and provide a balanced grow in the first year.


BTCEN aims to issue the tokens in the following vesting schedule.

This applies to our token allocation of the team.

That is to ensure the stability of our token’s price. Additionally, we will be using smart contracts in order to maintain the smoothness of the process.

Staking, Reward System, & Proof of Stake - 30%

Collectors and investors are permitted to lend and obtain yields against their BTCEN tokens. By staking BTCEN token, they are able to earn BTCEN token reward. The 20% of BTCEN tokens are dedicated for staking rewards.

Reserve - 6%

These tokens are the tokens held in reserve at first stage and later they will be added into the ecosystem to promote growth.

Marketing - 10%

To build our community, we will use marketing strategies focused on digital marketing through Twitter, Youtube, Quora, Telegram and Reddit. The 5% of our tokens will be used for digital marketing in 2 years.

Community - 10%

Community tokens will be used to create our community and provide incentives for various activities in our community. The treasury allocated for the community pool will be used for infrastructure, educational content and other resources.

Transaction Fee - 1%

The transaction fee will be paid when a BTCEN token is transferred from one wallet to another. We allocated 1% of our token pool for transaction fees

LP - 8%

The liquidity providers are a crucial element of our space. They support the growth of the pool, the conversion of assets without a price loss. We allocated 8% of our tokens for liquidity providers.

Burn - 7%

Token burn is used to prevent the decrease of token prices after the pre-sale and sale is completed. The token prices can be decreased for many reasons but one of the elements that determines price of the token is supply and demand curve. Burning the tokens will make BTCEN token price to be stable or increasing over the time. 7% of our tokens will be burned for healthy ecosystem.

Funding Allocation

Projected Market Cap

Token Release Schedule

Terms of Sale


There are only 250,000,000 BTCEN tokens available, and none will be produced in the future. There will be 60,000,000 tokens available in the private and presale for $0.12 in the first presale phase, then $0.15 afterwards.


The total number of tokens available in the presale sale is 60,000,000. We'll need to sell 20,000,000 BTCEN tokens to reach the soft cap.

  • First phase 6,000,000 tokens will be sold for $0.10

  • Second phase – tenth phase 54,000,000 tokens will be sold for $0.12

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