Our project's goal is to develop a platform where all energy drink brands, beverage and food producers, and our own energy drinks may be offered on our e-commerce site, as well as a site where you can use our crypto currency BTCEN to make these purchases and others. We provide users with a fully functional platform for long-term purchasing. We intend to use blockchain technology to provide complete confidentiality. Virtual businesses, subways, hospitals, retail malls, and other structures will be built in the metaverse. We'll make sure that BTCEN is used to place and pay for beverage vending machines.

Companies are new to this structure, and today's supply chains run in a specific order. Continuing along the road with performers that are inappropriate for the age group, and failing to keep up with the pace of information with the growing challenges in logistics and supply in the supply chain, the blockchain framework has proven its value in the supply chain. We developed our own as BTCEN. We hope to be one of the first prototypes of this massive transformation with the energy drink.

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